Musical Notes in Food Colors

If you don't know anything about music you can still teach your child to play the piano. With our new system, you can learn yourself and teach your child to play simple songs and sing along together starting as early as one year old and up. One or two or three year old child wants to learn anything you can teach him/her.  After seven you have to make child to learn. Our unique book is written as a game so even very young toddlers enjoy every lesson, puzzles, games, and coloring while they learn to play the piano. You can start your first lessons today before you even buy the book. 


Nothing is better than being able to share music with the world. It's something that we take rather seriously. Bellow, please take a look at the few pages of our 100 pages book to get an idea of how this book can help you and your child to make the first steps in the world of music.



If you would buy this book as a physical glossy paperback book (not available right now) you would have to pay a full price $99.95 plus shipping. Because you buy eBook you can buy it with monthly installments an save. You will pay $19.95  initial payment for first ten pages. Plus we will bill you $7.95 a month for eight months and we will send you ten or more pages every month. This way you will teach your child gradually without jumping ahead and without confusions. Also your child will get a certificate of graduation as you and your child finish the book. You will also be getting ten or more pages every month in JPEG (jpg) format for easy reading, making copies to put pages on the note stand, and for coloring.

If you have any question please contact us

How to use this book.

Obviously, you need a piano. It doesn't have to be a full-size piano, any piano will be good as long as it has at least 44 black and white keys. You can buy a little kids piano in local toys store. Toy electric piano with build in speakers would be also good. If your child is around one or two-year-old print a few copies of coloring pages and start with coloring to let your child get used to music lessons. Make small color stickers and attache them to the piano keys according to music notes colors in the book. Let your child play deferment notes and try to remember them. Start with 15/30 minutes of lessons gradually extend them if you feel it's OK for your child. Don't forth your child, be patient, make lessons as games and the results will amaze you!



We are all different. Some people learn material faster than the others. The same goes for our children.

With our book, we recommend learning gradually no more than one page a day with going back every day for previous lessons review and repetitions. Also we suggest spending a few days a week to repeat what your child learn in the last week.

Children learn by doing and repeating, as it establishes neural connections in the brain.  If your child missed something, go back and repeat the materials again and again. Don't rush be patient make learning process fun and playful. Do more coloring notes, it's the best way for very young children to learn.

It should take about a year for your child to complete the book and to learn to play some songs. Every month we will send you ten pages of the book so you can teach your child gradually. In two months you will already know whether this book is for your child. And if for any reason you will decide that this book is not for your child, we will return your money back no questions asked.


 Your initial charge will be $19.95. You will then be charged for eight months $7.95/month 30 days after your initial charge has been made. Cancel anytime.


There is a big difference between playing, piano, and playing piano passionately. All the musical technique and knowledge will come to your child in time. Our book will help your child to make a very first, easy steps in the world of music. Your child might become passionate about music and you may continue your child's music education. But you have to start somewhere, and our book is the best way to start. Normally music teachers start teaching children at 3 - 4 year old because learning notes is boring and it is hard for children to concentrate. Our book, however, is made as a game so even one-year-old children will enjoy every lesson and memories them.